Baby Bees

Children can start at Bumbles B at any age and this is where our youngest Bees start.

The Baby Bee room caters for children from three months to approximately fifteen months, or when they have started walking and need more room to roam. Our cosy baby room has sleeping facillities, soft play areas, a wide range of first stage toys, sensory areas and qualified, caring nursery nurses to care for them.

We offer a communication booklet for the Baby Bees so that you know what exactly they've been up to.

The routine is matched to that of the babies' home life to ensure as little disruption as possible for the individual child. As they grow we cater for all their needs until they are ready to take the next step into what we call 'The Busy Bees'.


Your little Bees don’t need extravagant play times set up for them. Absolutely everything is something to explore and wonder at when experiencing it for the first time!


From toes in the grass to splashing in water, babies find out about this brand new world around them using all of their senses, sometimes all at the same time! In Baby Bees we play together to increase the opportunities for sharing and communicating as they explore and make this a special bonding time with their key worker or socialising with their peers!


 A few minutes of sensory exploration per day is plenty, we revisit as often as we can and create new ways of introducing sensory activities often. This then helps towards everyday skills as they develop.

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